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Variety Flavors Skyr Smoothie Six Pack


Try em All!

Can't decide? Why commit to one flavor when you get a variety pack. Smoothie party!

All orders are packed in a cooler with icepacks and smoothies will be overnighted to your doorstep! Please allow 2-3 days for fulfillment. 

Yellin’ for vanilla! It’s been tantalizing our taste buds for centuries. And who doesn’t love the popular vanilla/dairy duo? Our smoothies swirl together these two simple pleasures to create a drink that tickles your nose, and nourishes your body with unique probiotics, a third of your daily protein and no added sugar.

Looking for an exciting burst of flavor? Try the goodness of the great tasting Strawberry skyr smoothie. Creamy and rich is the perfect combination to sooth your tastebuds. Enjoy the traditional flavor to jumpstart and nourish your body with a walk down memory lane.


ManGO for it! Fragrantly sweet, exotic mangoes and brazen bananas go boldly where no smoothie has gone before – swirled into our creamy skyr, creating a mouth-watering flavor blast fueled with nutrition to keep you going! It does an island dance on your palate and nourishes your body with healthy probiotics, a third of your daily protein and no added sugar.

Appeelingly delicious. One sip of banana smoothie and you’ll be in tropical nirvana! We fused bananas with our skyr and birthed a wonderfully flavored and sweet treat that will nourish your body with healthy probiotics, a third of your daily protein and no added sugar.


We’ve created a great tasting, protein-rich skyr smoothie that’s fat free, has no added sugar, and is teeming with probiotics. The milk comes from grass-fed cows, raised on sustainable, organic family farms. And, 10% of our proceeds support Jodi’s Climb for Hope. Now that’s convenience with a conscience.


We’re positively cocoNUTS over our newest smoothie flavor! With all the grass-fed dairy, no sugar added, probiotic and protein rich benefits of the B’more skyr family, Coconut also brings plant-based healthy fats to the party to boost endurance and energy! Our perfected skyr recipe mixed with fresh organic coconut creme comes together for a sweet and mouthwatering experience that will transport your taste buds to the tropics.